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Carlisle Bay Soap Bar By Oasis Laboratory

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Let us head to the south west of Barbados for a long awaited break and take a dive into the most beautiful bay on earth - Carlisle bay. Feel that purifying cleanse of the gentle waves against your skin and soak up the moisture of the cool sea breeze infused with freshly sliced mouth-watering tropical island fruit coupled with herbaceous cilantro and tangy citron aromas with each bath.

This Carlisle Bay Bar allows the wonders of Sargassum to shine on its own.  This bath bar allows sargassum seaweed to soothe and softens the skin by restoring the skin's protective moisture barrier and balancing skin pH. It helps to repair damaged skin by combating wrinkles and fine lines through enhanced collagen production for more balanced, healthier looking skin.

Ingredients:  Saponified (Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Guyana Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, African Shea Butter), Barbados Organic Breadfruit Milk Extract, Barbados Organic Aloe vera Extract, Barbados Sargassum Seaweed Extract, Barbados Molasses, White Clay, Barbados Sea Salt, Natural Fragrance.

Bolded ingredients are locally sourced or OASIS Laboratory made.